safe ADJECTIVE 1) protected from danger or risk. 2) not causing or leading to harm or injury. 3) (of a place) affording security or protection. 4) often derogatory cautious and unenterprising: a safe choice. 5) (of an assertion, verdict, bet, etc.) based on good reasons or evidence and not likely to be proved wrong. 6) informal excellent.
NOUN 1) a strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables. 2) N. Amer. informal a condom.
safe and sound — Cf. ↑safe and sound
to be on the safe side — Cf. ↑to be on the safe side
DERIVATIVES safely adverb safeness noun.
ORIGIN Old French sauf, from Latin salvus 'uninjured' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.